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The Municipal Authority of the city of Como owns the rights to the use and reproduction of any item or part therefore that forms part of the collections of the Musei Civici of Como [Civic Museums]. The system of application for images and for the payment of copyright for reproduction of images is a matter for the Administrative Office of the Musei Civici of Como.

Segreteria Musei Civici
piazza Medaglie d'Oro 1, Como
tel. 031 252550
fax 031 268053

How to contact the service:

1. fill in the application form for photographic reproduction; the application may be hand delivered or sent by post, or by fax to 031 268053;

2. the reproduction, whether by the museum itself or carried out using your own equipment, may only be undertaken with the prior authorisation of the management of Musei Civici after permission has been given by the collection’s curator;

3. any rejection by the management of the application shall be accompanied by their stated reasons indicated at the foot of the request;

4. the applicant must specify the use that will be made of the reproduction; if at a later date it is decided to use the reproduction for some other purpose further prior authorisation must be requested;

5. the signatory of the consultation request will be deemed liable for any improper use of the material if it is assigned to any third party;

6. in the event of publication, there must be notes alongside the image or in its caption stating that the work has been reproduced in accordance with the directions of the Musei Civici museums; the applicant furthermore undertakes to send a copy of the publication to the Biblioteca dei Musei Civici [Civic Museums Library] of Como for the purposes of documentation.

Costs of the service:

Reproductions: . to advertise products, companies and commercial activities; . for commercial editorial and publicity purposes; . for technical catalogues intended for sale; . as images for television, videos, DVDs and web sites

Require copyright payments for reproduction; the specific amounts are established in the table of charges approved by Council Resolution number 373 of 11/12/2013

Payments that are due shall be paid as follows:

by bank transfer INTESA SANPAOLO spa - Agenzia di Como, Via Rubini Current account number: 100000046039 in the name of COMUNE DI COMO, SERVIZIO TESORERIA ABI 03069; CAB 10910; CIN D IBAN code: IT59 D 03069 10910 1000 0004 6039

by postal current account order C.C.POSTALE: 12946224 in the name of COMUNE DI COMO, SERVIZIO TESORERIA

If an invoice is required then it must be stated at the time of payment that the reason for the payment is copyright due to Musei Civici, indicating the title of the work and its inventory number, while also indicating the payer's fiscal details. If such details are not provided at the time it will not be possible to require an invoice at a later date.

To speed up the forwarding of photographic material and the authorisation process it is suggested that applicants send a fax to 031 268053, for the attention of the "Segreteria dei Musei Civici di Como", of a copy of the evidence that payment has in fact been made.

Authorisation for the publication and/or photographic material requested will be given to the applicant as soon as payment of the copyright concerned has been made for such reproduction.

Application request for photographic reproduction

Table of charges for the use and the reproduction of items owned by the Musei Civici of Como