The Project

The “Sant’Elia project” came into being at the initiative of the Como Rotary Club, which was aware of the difficulties of how best to exploit the 164 drawings by Antonio Sant’Elia kept at the Pinacoteca Civica gallery of Como.
The project became a collaborative effort with the City of Como authorities, the owners of the drawings, and other local institutions such as the Fondazione Comasca, the Fondazione del Credito Valtellinese, Como Province cultural department and the Chamber of Commerce, which decided to fund action to make Como’s great architect better known to a wider public.
Two rooms at the Pinacoteca Civica were therefore equipped to provide information about and digital consultation facilities for the drawings.
This web site was also created which at the moment shows the collection of drawings in public ownership but which will also in time gather together the works from all sources to document the complete works of Sant’Elia.
Visitors to the website can see images of all the drawings and read the technical notes on the subject matter and the history of the works.
There is moreover a biography of the architect and an exhaustive list of the exhibitions at which they have been shown. Enthusiasts of the Sant’Elia will also find the press review area particularly useful as it provides real time updates on exhibitions and events relating to his works.